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Restaurant Saari’s
Menu Suggestions and a la carte 2024

At Sirpalesaari Island you meet the gorgeous sea view across the Gulf of Finland. The faraway horizon and the gently lapping waves whisper of a perfect summer evening. You are just a stone’s throw from the centre of Helsinki, but still far away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Saari is a Finnish restaurant where the mastery of traditional cooking is combined with modern ideas. Season’s favourite delicacies can be enjoyed on the sunny terrace, in the nautical dining hall or on the Belvedere balcony.

Menu suggestions 2024

Classic Menu

Pine tar graved salmon, horseradish cream, potato crisp, and citrus pickled vegetables L,G
Whole roasted beef tenderloin fermented black pepper sauce, ratatouille puree, and deep fried truffle potato L,G
Åland pancake, vanilla ice cream, apple, and cinnamon mousse L,(G)

(a la carte 71,20)


Sirpalesaari Menu

The secrets of Sirpalesaari Island, assortment of best archipelago appetizers L,(G)
Smoked salmon fillet
coffee flavored mushroom stew, sprouting root vegetables, and summer potatoes L,G
Chocolate salted liquorice cake, lemon curd and raspberry sorbet L

(a la carte 69,00)


Captain´s Menu

Shrimp Skagen, crispy chorizo, archipelago bread, and herb salad L,(G)
Smoked salmon fillet coffee flavored mushroom stew, sprouting root vegetables, and summer potatoes L,G
Fresh elderflower pannacotta, berry verbena salad, and liquorice granola L,G

(a la carte 61,40)


Vegan menu

Vegan “Skagen” on malt bread, seaweed caviar, and herb salad VE,(G)
Mildly smoked vegan patty, wild garlic pesto, fried shiitake and pumpkin VE,G
Rhubarb sorbet with berry verbena salad VE,G

(a la carte 52,00)


Kid´s menu 

Cheeseburger with country fries L,(G)
Also available in a vegetarian version.


Smoked salmon, tartar sauce, vegetables and summer potatoes L,G


Åland pancake with vanilla ice cream L,(G)

for under 12 years of age including one main course and dessert 18,00 per person

L = lactose free, G = gluten free, (G) = available gluten free, VE = vegan, (VE) = available vegan

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A la carte 2024

Crayfish season at Restaurant Saari 22.7.-26.9.2024
Crayfish menu 2024PDF
Welcome to enjoy delicious Finnish crayfishes & beautiful sea view!

Boat fee 6,70 per person is added to your restaurant bill. Check more information >>